Presentation Sisters

Presentation Sisters


  • Sr Terry and children planting at the Garden of Oneness in Zambia
  • Sr Shalini marching for the poor and marginalised in New Delhi, India
  • Sr Teresa helping a patient in a local hospital in Nuneaton, England


Morning Assembly at Presentation School in Jhelum


The first Presentation Sisters arrived in Rawalpindi (which is now in Pakistan) in 1895 from Madras (Chennai) in India. The Sisters opened a school which initially served the children of British and Irish soldiers living there. More schools were later established from here.  Following partition and the founding of the nation of Pakistan in 1947, the first local sisters were professed in 1954 and the mission further developed.

Today there are 60 Sisters spanning three of the four Provinces of Pakistan and ministering in twelve different areas:    Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Josephabad, Murree, Sargodha, Wah, Risalpur, Peshawar, Swat, and within the Province of Sindh – Khipro, Tando Allah Yar, Tando Adam.

Women in a sewing class in a Christian colony in Josephabad

Our Sisters are engaged in formal and informal education, medical care, health work and pastoral work.  Our schools now cater for pupils of all religions, Christian, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

Like Nano, we believe that education is the key to change.  Change is taking place but the challenge is great and the task is enormous.  

One of our objectives is to build bridges of understanding, between pupils and parents of all faiths, through Inter-faith dialogue.  ‘Values Education’ especially tolerance, respect for people of different faiths and beliefs is a priority in all our schools for all the students and in our other ministries.  In most of our schools the pupils are also mixed socially – the poor taking their place side by side with the middle class and well-off.   

Unit Assembly in December 2015

We also have schools and Adult Literacy Programmes for the poorest of the poor among the tribal communities, with special emphasis on Catechetics for our Christians in our schools and far flung  villages.  As illiteracy is a huge challenge our aim is to provide quality education for the children of these very poor people especially for girls.

We have women’s groups, for whom we have regular programmes on health, cleanliness and ways of helping themselves.  We also have a hostel for girls from far flung villages who would get no other opportunity of receiving education.

We hope that through education, the students and women will be given a voice and will be empowered to help themselves.



Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Josephabad, Murree, Peshawar, Risalpur, Sargodha, Sindh, Swat, Hasanabdal (Wah). The Provincialate is in Rawalpindi.

Contact email: presprov@yahoo.com