Presentation Sisters

Presentation Sisters


Transformative Initiatives and Integrating Space

At this meeting, we became more conscious of the Integrating Space that generates energy toward integration and wholeness.  The Integrating Space provides a way of being and working together.  In this Integrating Space we come together as partners, working together, in order to bring forward the vision and the work of the Extended Leadership Team Meeting 2015. We spent time reviewing the work done by each of the Transformative Initiatives. It was a time of integrating the various strands of the work, of sharing wisdom and learning from each other as we discerned together the best way to move forward.

Some core elements of the Integrating Space held during this meeting were …

  •  Contemplative Practices including time for Contemplative Prayer, Contemplative Dialogue and Contemplative Colouring
  • Creative Presentations on each of the Initiatives and Coaching by the group
  • Reflecting on the Experience of each Initiative staying with the questions and struggle
  • Harvesting the Fruits of the wisdom in the group to further develop a new Work Plan for each of the Initiative
  • Looking beyond the parts to see the Whole – looking at each Initiative in the light of the whole, seeing connections and patterns
  • Finding a way to move from ‘I’ to ‘WE’.

May we all grow into intentional practices of these core elements in all of our meetings as we inspire hope and generate wholeness in life and mission! 

Fatima Rodrigo PBVM

Sisters who attended the Integrating Space Meeting: Back row: Srs Fatima Rodrigo, Eleanor O’Gorman, Anne Marie O’ Mahoney, Frances Murphy, Ida Ferrao, Ms Cora Lambert (Facilitator), Mary Deane, Bernadette Flanagan, Julie Watson, Anne O'Leary
Front row: Srs, Concepta O'Brien, Selma George, Joan O’Sullivan 


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