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Although there are various illustrations that have been made of Venerable Nano Nagle over time, the design of this statue was based on drawings made by a talented St Norbert art student, thus reflecting the way a modern young person envisions Nano. 

Presiding over the morning event was school Principal, Mr Joseph Ciccoianni, with St Norbert’s Pastor, Father Bruce Patterson, celebrating the statue blessing and dedication. A total of 310 Kindergarten through to eighth grade students plus teachers and staff attended and participated in the ceremony, at one point singing ‘Venerable Nano’, a song composed in Nano’s honour by Sr Cecilia Malloy, pbvm. In addition to more than fifty parish guests, all Presentation Sisters residing in the Southern California area that were able to attend, witnessed the event. 

As part of the dedication, Mr Ciccoianni gave two special gifts to Presentation Sister representative, Sr Breda Christopher, on behalf of the school. The first was a United States flag that had been flown over the nation’s capital in Nano’s honour on 21 November 2015. The second was a ribbon-tied sheaf of 140 letters composed by the students to be presented to Pope Francis in support of the canonization of Venerable Nano. 

Following the dedication, guests were hosted at a sumptuous reception by members of the St Norbert Church Friends of Nano lay organization. 

Nano’s legacy at St Norbert’s extends over 50 years when in 1965, just one year after the parish was founded, four Presentation Sisters opened the school where it continues Nano’s legacy of successfully educating young students through the commitment of the principal, faculty and staff. Dedication of this statue is yet another reminder of the loyalty her charism has inspired some 300 years after her birth. 

l-r: Front row: Fr. Bruce Patterson, pastor; Srs Breda Christopher, Jane Bonar, Agnes Walsh, Rosaleen O’Connell, Immaculata Kelly, Carmel Lynch
Middle Row: Niamh Kelly(behind pastor), Rosario Ryan,  Angela Callanan, Rosemary O’Sullivan, Kathleen Pritchard
Back Row: Srs Maria Kelly, Francine Janousek, Winnie Harnett, Catherine Burke

Submitted by: Sr Breda Christopher, pbvm