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Novena - Day 8 - 19 November 2020



And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. Acts 2:1


To Our Lady

Mother of all that is good,

of the light that is always touching the world

blessing all things,

the efficient system of each leaf,

the dark impasses of the lines of my hand,


you tell us

of the stone's astonishment

as its sudden warmth at the first beam of light,


of the horizons of dust

that cry to the clouds Give us your fullness

and let us live.


you take from us

the mounds of darkness we bury inside of us

and make from them a night of stars

where we can see your Son;


Our Lady,

withheld from death,

Mother of all things that must die,

speak for us,

do what we cannot do ourselves,

help us to hold in our hands the bird in flight,

to pull from our feet our heavy shadows,

to walk your way.

∼ Kevin Hart: Anthology of Australian Religious Poetry p. 152


We worship you, Holy Spirit of God,

and we may only guess, as best we can,

who you are for us.

We open our hearts to receive you

that we may learn

how deeply and invisibly you are present everywhere.

You are the air we breathe,

the distance we gaze into,

the space that surrounds us.

You are the kindly light

in which we are attractive to each other.

You are the finger of God

with which God playfully ordered the universe.

You are the sensitive love with which God created us. 

We pray to you,

Spirit of God, creator,

complete the work you have begun,

inspire us toward what is good - 

to faithfulness and patience,

to compassion and gentleness,

and waken in us friendship for every living being

and with joy for all that is good. 

∼ CF Huub OOsterhuis: Your Word us Near p.117