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Srs Preethi Chacko (India South)
Anne Lyons(Ireland North East) and Lizzy
Mathew (India North)

The missioning ceremony for Srs Preethi Chacko (India: South), Anne Lyons (Ireland: North East), and Lizzy Mathew (India: North), was held in Chennai, India on 4th October as the culmination of a two-week orientation and preparation programme.


Many Sisters and friends from India, as well as the Unit Leaders of the three sending units – Srs Miriam Attel (India: North Unit), Margarita Ryan (Ireland: North East Unit) and Rose Savarimuthu (India: South Unit) and Sr Concepta O’Brien (Ireland: North East ULT) joined the three Sisters in a prayerful and moving ceremony.

Both Christian and Buddhist symbols were used, demonstrating the rich and varied cultural traditions of the Sisters and the land to which they will travel.

The Lighting of the Lamp dispelled the darkness and welcomed God’s presence; garlanding Nano encouraged the spirit and charism of Nano to inspire and motivate the Sisters in their mission; a Prayer Dance represented a diversity of experience coming together as one to praise God.

 Eight buddhist symbols offered with blessings

Buddhist symbols representing the universe and all of life were brought forward – a lotus for enlightenment, an Endless Knot for harmony, the Golden Fish Pair for happiness among those with whom we live and work, a Victory Banner to overcome obstacles, the Wheel of Dharma to represent joyful service to others, a Treasure Vase to store experiences and good health, a Parasol for protection and a Conch Shell, to awaken to the mystery of love, life, oneness and God.

Missioning by the
three Provincials

The Sisters were blessed and anointed by their Provincials. They now go forward in the footsteps of Nano, living out her mission in a very real sense:  ‘If I could be of any service in saving souls in any part of the globe, I would willingly do all in my power’.


May they know that our prayers go with them on their journey

The whole group following the ceremony


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