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Easter Greetings! 'Jesus is Risen'!



‘He is not here. He is Risen!’ (Matthew 28:6)

To Sisters, Friends of Nano, co-workers, Boards of Management and staff of Presentation Schools, hospitals and centres of ministry, students and others inspired by Nano Nagle,

As we approach the festival of Easter, we take this opportunity to send Easter greetings as we celebrate this great mystery of God, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

During the Lenten Journey we are drawn to reflect on ‘Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh...the human face of God who shared our earthly reality’ (Our Way of Life, C5). As we approach the Triduum – Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday – and as we reflect on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we ponder how each stage of the paschal mystery ‘gives new meaning to our experiences’ (C5).

As Presentation Sisters, in solidarity with all Christians, our faith-journey inspires and challenges us to reflect in our lives the pilgrim journey of Jesus:

Our lives are shaped by the pattern of the Paschal Mystery.

In our celebrations of reconciliation we acknowledge and hold compassion

our own brokenness and that of the world within the gift of God’s love. (C16)

As we look to the Congregational Gathering 2018 (General Chapter) which will take place in Cork (19 – 26 April) and Dublin (29 April – 14 May), we ponder how the Paschal fire that burns on Holy Saturday night reflects the same Divine Presence as that which burned within the heart of Moses and all the prophets through the ages, including Nano Nagle (b. 1718). The experience of God’s presence set Nano aflame with the desire to respond to the call of God to serve those in need in 18th century Cork, Ireland. 

‘May the Morning Star [Christ] which never sets find this flame still burning...’ (Exultet)

Nano tended the flame of God and kept it ‘still burning’. Her zeal for God and for God’s mission burned in her such that she did all in her power to uplift those who had become downtrodden in her day. 

The hope of this ancient hymn is reflected anew in the theme of the forthcoming Congregational Gathering 2018: 

Nano Aflame! Stoking Our Passion...Becoming Fire...Radiating Love!

We give thanks to God, too, that the flame of God’s love is being stoked across the world through the many and creative ways in which the Tercentenary of the Birth of Nano Nagle is being celebrated. http://www.pbvm.org/tercentenary/

We pray with Christians around the world during this Easter Season...

May Christ, that Morning Star,

who came back from the dead,

shed his peaceful light on all humankind...

This Easter, may we commit anew to care for all in need and for our common home (Laudato Si).

Blessings, joy and hope,

Sisters Mary Deane, Anne O’Leary, Frances Murphy, Julie Watson and Fatima Rodrigo

Congregational Leadership Team