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Call it pride, and it truly was, the feeling of all present at the annual Binalbagan Catholic College (BCC) Victory Party for the students who passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board examinations taken at this college which is run by the Presentation Sisters in Negros, the Philippines. The CPA board exam is considered to be one of the toughest professional board examinations in the country. 

  Sr Aquila Sy PBVM at BCC

In 1997 a “Review Now, Pay Later Program” for accountancy students was initiated by the Presentation Sisters for their mission of giving opportunities to less privileged, yet deserving students, in Southern Negros. I, Mary Rose Calderon, am one of the first recipients of the program.  The mission was relentlessly pursued by the school faculty and staff, especially by Sr Aquila Sy, PBVM, by Dean, Evelyn Matillano, CPA and Master in Business Administration and the chairperson of the accountancy program, Mrs. Ma. Theresa Pojas-Leonora, CPA and Master in Educational Management. The legacy continues and in Academic Year 2016/2017 ten of BCC’s graduates passed the board examination.  Now is the second decade of the school commitment to this program. Three of the most recent successful candidates were working students of the school in their undergraduate years.

One student writes ...

My dream of becoming a CPA started from the very day I set foot in BCC.  It was a dream that I held on to throughout my college life. It kept me striving and enabled me to surmount the difficulties I faced along the way.  I tell you it was not easy but by trusting myself and faithfully believing in God’s grace, success unfolded for me. My thanks to my Alma Mater and to those who believed in me and supported me. (Raynell C. Reas)

Successful students during the annual Victory Parade

Another student shares the following reflection ...

I want to start by giving a motivation to my co-JPIANs who’ve been thinking that they cannot make it to BSA course or pass the CPA board exam.  Let me tell you that I took this course having no idea what will happen.  All I wanted was just to pass the qualifying exam, so I studied very well.  The result came out and I topped the qualifying exam. Since then, I was given responsibility to be the team captain for quiz bowl competitions on which we were able to bring home trophies and medals for the school. (Richelle Villaflor)

As one of the teachers and chairperson of the Accountancy Program who has witnessed the hardships and sacrifices of the graduates, I can say that the gathering for the Victory Parade is a time for inspiration of the students and also for us, teachers. It is a time when we, teachers, can say with joy and satisfaction “we have succeeded.”

L to R: Sr Mildrid Soldevilla, Ms Athena (Librarian),
Srs Analee Garciano, Anne O’Leary, CLT, and some
BCC Students

On top of the successes of the CPA board examination takers, came this July the notice from the Philippine Association for Accreditation of Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) that the school program for Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BEED) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) are now accredited to Level II.  You can imagine the excitement in the school when all that was expected was to maintain the accreditation Level I. Now, our dream is for the Accountancy Program to also be raised to the level of being accredited.  

May Nano Nagle continue to inspire us as we work together to create a brighter future for our students, our community and our world.

Submitted by: Ms. Mary Rose Calderon, Philippines

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