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Congregational Leadership Team send blessings to the Sisters being missioned to Cambodia today



Cambodia team L-R:
Srs Preethi Chacko, Anne Lyons
and Lizzy Mathew. 

4 October       
Feast of St Francis of Assisi

Dear Sisters,

It is with joy and gratitude to God that we send warm greetings to all who have gathered in Chennai for this special occasion of the Ritual of Missioning to Cambodia of our three Sisters – Preethi Chacko (India: South), Anne Lyons (Ireland: North East), and Lizzy Mathew (India: North).

For Srs Anne, Lizzy and Preethi, as you look to take your first pilgrim steps in Cambodia, we pray …

Inspired by St Francis, who modelled his life on Jesus, may you be filled with a spirit of joy and freedom, and the eyes to see beauty in all God’s creation.

Inspired by Nano Nagle and in a world very different to hers, may her charism burn brightly in you as you embody her commitment to the education and care of the vulnerable and powerless. (C2, 7)

Inspired by Pope Francis, as you "leave the nest" of the familiar and venture forth together on a new camino, may you wake up the world with love and compassion, as you give yourself to God and neighbour.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all whose generous presence and support have made this occasion so special and meaningful—Celebrants, Sisters, friends, and co-workers.

We express our deep gratitude to the Unit Leadership Teams of the three sending Units for their generosity in releasing the Sisters for this new Mission; and, in particular, to Srs Miriam Attel (India: North Unit), Sr Margarita Ryan (Ireland: North East Unit) and Rose Savarimuthu (India: South Unit) who will mission the three Sisters on our behalf.

May this Missioning Ceremony be a time of great grace and yield fresh hope for all gathered this day in Chennai, for the Congregation and all who are inspired by Nano Nagle.

Yours sincerely,

Srs Mary Deane (Congregation Leader), Anne O’Leary, Frances Murphy, Julie Watson, Fatima Rodrigo.

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