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Celebrating two Presentation Professions



April is the month we particularly remember and celebrate Nano Nagle. What a wonderful month to have two new Presentation Professions!

On 29 April, our Pakistan unit celebrated the professions of Sr Aneela Pervaz and Sr. Anum Salamat. Here, the Sisters reflect on the day, their journey towards it and their hopes for the future:

Aneela emptying her jar of water

The day of my profession I felt that the blessings were raining on me from the sky. I was very joyful because God was rejoicing with me and I was in His Holy Hands and He was saying repeatedly “You are mine”.

Nano’s life had touched me deeply. Her dedication, zeal, courage, compassionate heart, oneness of mind, her singleness of heart, faithfulness and her deep relationship with Christ really inspired me.

Aneela taking her vows

Living with Presentation Sisters I have seen all these characteristics and values in Sisters. They are really carrying the mission of Jesus and charism of Nano. And it gives me a clear vision for my life.

 Sr Aneela Pervaz

Read the full text of Sr Annela’s article here




Anum emptying her jar of water

Rev. Fr. Sohail Patrick’s sermon was very heart touching. He spoke very highly about Nano’s call, her love for Christ and for his people. The way he spoke about Nano’s life and her mission filled my heart with desire to be in this world as Nano was.

When I took vows I deeply felt my strong relationship with God and with my congregation.  The day was filled with deep joy and gratitude to the life God gave me to spend for Him for His people.

Anum taking her vows

Sisters’ selfless and tireless service was always an inspiration for me and as I am going to be part of the mission and ministry, I am more than happy to offer my life for this service.

Sr. Anum Salamat

Read the full text of Sr Anum’s article here

Warmest congratulations to our two new Sisters and the Pakistan Unit on this wonderful, blessed occasion!

Carolanne Henry
Director of Communications

Novices with Anum and Aneela

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